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Rue16 is an anonymous social network where you get to control exactly who sees your posts with the help of our extensive privacy settings.

We are now open for public beta. Opening an account with us is free: you can do so using either an avatar -in order to enjoy the ultimate privacy of anonymity- or under your real name, which will allow you use it like a Facebook account with the difference that you'll have a multilevel privacy settings system that will allow your contacts to have access only to the messages that YOU want them to see.

Choose your friends based on common interests. Create on-line communities, blogs, journals, diaries and art-books. Upload fiction on PDF format. Share pictures, videos and ideas with others using our special lock and key feature. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we consider your material to be your property and yours alone.

Allow yourself to be whoever you really are without having to conform to the sometimes constricting expectations of real life. Help us spread the word around by liking us on FB at or visit us at: Join us today and become one of our Founding Members.


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